Danny Ramos - CEO
Yesenia Garcia - Graphic & Web
To build a high quality Craft Beer product company that benefits our community organizations financially. If we reach our full potential of serving you, Hispanics across all of our communities will benefit. Support our movement.
Hispanics buy hundreds of billions of dollars in consumer products. One of the biggest categories is Beer. This is evidenced by the Beer companies who sponsor Hispanic Festivals and concerts to sell more beer and maintain market share. Two of the top three hispanic brands are owned by companies in foreign countries. None of the three companies manufacture in any of the primary Hispanic markets in the U.S. This means that the profits leave the community from which the money is made. We are Boricua Beer and Taino Light Beer. This company is owned by Hispanics and brewed within one of the primary Hispanic markets in the country; Florida. We will not take our profits out of the community as do all the other breweries serving Hispanics. We are a Craft beer. This is a much higher quality beverage that actually has health benefits when enjoyed responsibly.

Ana I. Rivera

President, PR/Hispanic -

Chamber of Commerce of Polk Ct

Nancy Quiñonez

President, PR/Hispanic - Chamber

of Commerce of Duval & Clay Ct

Veronica Culbertson

Pres, CEO, SW/FL, Hispanic -

Chamber of Commerce of Lee Ct

Amilcar Cardova

President, Puerto Rican

Chamber of Commerce of CF

Paris Peña

Exec. Director, Hispanic - Chamber

Chamber of Commerce of Vol. Ct

Ingrid Figueroa

Puerto Rican Parade of

Osceola county

Hector I. Rodriguez

President, Asociacion de

Puertorriqueñous viviendo en la FL

Santos O. Arroyo

Founder, Hispanic - Chamber

of Commerce of Palm Beach Ct

Samuel Lopez

Chairman, Hispanic - Chamber

of Commerce of Brevard County



National Latino Officers



Puerto Rican Parade

Committee of Chicago